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  • The real facts on penile size, shape and health
  • How to keep your penis healthy and fit
  • Great ideas for sex positions
  • Penis problems answered (by email if you like!)
Fact 1 "Whatever size your penis, you can have good sex."
It's not what you got., it's what you do with it......How true. How true. For women, sex is not really about penetration, thrusting and ejaculation, though that may all be exciting and arousing. It's about connection, love, intimacy, closeness, the shared experience, giving pleasure to her man, feeling loved, and so on.
Fact 2 "Actually, penis size does matter."
What I am trying to say is that of course your penis size matters - it certainly matters to you, for good or ill, and it probably matters in some way (which you may not even know about) to your partner. But none of that denies the truth of what I said above - penis size is ultimately the least important factor in a sexual relationship, unless one or other of you happens to be a real size queen. (And if you are, or if your penis happens to be three inches wide and eleven inches long, then you have a different set of problems which go way beyond those of a man who thinks his penis is too small when in fact it's perfectly adequate.

Fact 3 "The average penis is smaller than you might expect"
Stop comparing yourself with other men. Remember that the average penis is less than six inches long. Remember that they may all look very different when flaccid, but they all look much more alike when they are erect (true, so very true). Even if you have a long and thin one normally (or even a long and thick one) and the guy next to you in the locker room has a short fat one, or even just a glans showing, the likelihood is that if you all got together in a room somewhere and showed each other your erections, you'd be astonished at how much more alike than different they were. And that, of course, is what your woman will see.....she's not got the same view of it as you have, pulling it out of your pants so many times a day to pee.
The reality of the penis is this: there is no such thing as normal

Fact 4 "Use it or lose it."
Suppose you don't masturbate, or you're in a long term relationship where sex has gone off the menu slightly (or totally). Or suppose you're over fifty and you find your sex drive is slowing down somewhat. Guess what? Your penis is actually going to shrink. Yes, the tissues of the penis will shrink if you don't stretch them with a normal erection every day. The answer to this is to encourage your body to keep itself sexually fit by having an orgasm every day. This may also help the muscles of your pelvis to stay in trim and your prostate gland to stay healthier; it may also ensure your sex drive stays stronger, longer. In particular, ejaculating regularly seems to keep prostatitis at bay.PENISWEBSITE

more facts on penises coming up.......and also How To Make Love To A Man Over Fifty.

The Do's and Dont's of healthy dating

Dating experts advise that finding a suitable companion can take a lot of effort and easily be as time consuming and involved as a career move, not to mention hard on your self esteem. Dating is a numbers game, the more potential spouses you meet, the better chance you have of finding a good one. Unfortunately too many people give up looking too quickly.

Dating Do’s
  • Do date a lot. Let yourself be casual about the process and meet as many potential partners as you can.
  • Do consider a personal card (like a business card) with your name, number and/or email address on it. They’re great for a quick introduction.
  • Do try different ways of meeting potential dates. If you have never met someone online or attended a dating club – try it out. Let yourself go into a bar to meet someone, give it a shot. You never know where that someone might be just waiting to find you.
  • Do let your friends and family know that you are looking.
  • Do look at your dates as potential friends. Ultimately a having a solid friendship is how you build anything long-term.
  • Do try to learn about the person you are dating. Find out their passions and interests. Make sure to focus on them as much as you share yourself.
Dating Don’ts
  • Don’t date a someone if they don’t turn you on physically. If he or she isn’t at least a 7 on your scale of 10, throw them back in the pool. No matter how good they look on paper you need to feel turned-on by them. Then again, don’t just date someone based on looks.
  • Don’t tell your date about other people you have loved, dated or screwed – at least not in the beginning. It’s not the place or time for your love history.
  • Don’t be late for a date.
  • Don’t go to bars alone looking for a date – you may get laid, but not likely loved.
  • Don’t try to be someone that you’re not or try to show off just to keep them interested.
  • Don’t call, email or text them daily, no matter how good it felt being together. Try to let the dating take its own course.
  • Don’t push to have sex quickly or let yourself be pushed. If it is the right person, there will be plenty of time for that. Let it stay hot between you for a while before bedding down.
  • Don’t talk about moving in, monogamy or bridal registries before at least 60 days of knowing each other – and even then only after first discussing this with a neutral friend.
And most meaningful of all, trust your feelings. Notice if you are being treated well and having fun. Notice if you feel respect for him or her and if you share similar values. If it isn’t working out, move on. Despite what all the songs tell us – there really are many people out there who could be THE ONE for each one of us. Good hunting.

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Are you a female sex and love addict?

Dear reader of visitor of my blog, if you answer Yes to any of these questions believe me something is wrong somewhere and If you think you need help feel free to contact me.

1. Do you feel that your life is becoming or is unmanageable because of your sexual and/or romantic behavior or your excessive dependency needs?

2. Do you find yourself unable to stop seeing a specific person even though you know that seeing this person is destructive to you?

3. Do you feel that you don’t want anyone to know about your sexual or romantic activities? Do you feel you need to hide these activities from others – friends, family, co-workers, counselors, etc.?

4. Do you get “high” from sex and/or romance and then crash when the act or experience is over?

5.  Have you had sex at inappropriate times, in inappropriate places, and/or with inappropriate people?

6. Do you make promises to yourself or rules for yourself concerning your sexual or romantic behavior that you find you cannot follow?

7. Have you had or do you have sex with someone you don’t (didn’t) want to have sex with?

8. Have you ever thought that there might be more you could do with your life if you were not so driven by sexual and romantic pursuits?

9. Do you feel desperate about your need for a lover, sexual fix, or future mate?

10. Have you or do you have sex regardless of the consequences (e.g. the threat of being caught, the risk of contracting herpes, gonorrhea, AIDS, etc.)?

11. Do you find that you have a pattern of repeating bad relationships?

12. Do you feel like a lifeless puppet unless there is someone around with whom you can flirt? Do you feel that you’re not “really alive” unless you are with your sexual/romantic partner?

13. Have you ever threatened your financial stability, career or standing in the community by pursuing a sexual partner?

14. Have you ever had a serious relationship threatened or destroyed because of outside sexual activity?

15. Do you feel that life would have no meaning without a love relationship or without sex? Do you feel that you would have no identity if you were not someone’s lover?

16. Do you find yourself flirting with or sexualizing someone even if that was not your intention?

17. Does your sexual and/or romantic behavior affect your reputation?

18. Do you feel uncomfortable about your masturbation because of the frequency with which you masturbate, the fantasies you engage in, the props you use, and/or the places in which you do it?

19. Are you unable to concentrate on other areas of your life because of thoughts or feelings you are having about another person or about sex?

20. Do you find yourself obsessing about a specific person or sexual act even though these thoughts bring pain, craving or discomfort?

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